Chelmsford Society of Model Engineers - Model Engineering

The CSME promotes the safe construction and operation of passenger carrying steam, electric and diesel hauled trains, traction engines and other scale models.


There are two main railway tracks, each approximately 1300 ft in length, one raised and the other at ground level.

The raised track has three gauges, 31/2 ", 5" and 71/4" and is controlled by 2-aspect signalling.
The ground level track has two gauges, 5" and 71/4" and is controlled by 4-aspect signalling which can operate in either semi-automatic mode with the aid of a signaller, or in fully automatic mode.
Both tracks have a covered canopy for passengers.
Access for locos to either track can normally be made directly from the back of a trailer.
The Club welcomes visits from other societies. Interested parties should contact us initially through this website.


Light refreshments are often available during public running in the on-site Clubhouse. The Clubhouse is used also for monthly meetings when external speakers talk to members on a range of topics. In the middle of each month, members meet to compare notes on current projects.

A well-equipped hobby shop is used for the maintenance of the infrastructure and rolling stock.

Address :
Meteor Way
CM1 2RL  View Map


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