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Track and facilities

Today the club has 620 feet of 3 and 5 dual gauge raised track and over 1300 feet of 5 and 7 dual gauge ground level track. The raised track is served by 6 steaming bays with an unloading ramp whilst the ground level has a hydraulic lift to a 6ft diameter turntable serving 5 steaming bays. Soft Welsh water (from a tap, not the sky!) and mains power are available in both areas. There are also extensive workshop facilities, secure rolling stock storage and an extensive library of Model Engineer magazines and other publications for the use of the members.


The Bridgend and District Model Engineering Society currently has about 30 members. Whilst many are interested in steam power in the form of railway locomotives, traction engines and stationary engines, not all members are active model makers. Many enjoy the operation and maintenance of our miniature railway. Others have interests in machine tools, signalling systems, electronics and automation, model boats and radio controlled models of various types.
Many of the successful model makers have no formal engineering training but have learned the skills themselves and the membership of the club is drawn from a wide variety of professions and trades. Despite the name, the hobby of Model Engineering requires neither engineering experience nor qualification to get started; an interest in mechanical miniatures and enthusiasm is the best start you could have. By joining a ME club you will meet people with experience and skills who will be only too willing to help and guide you in the right direction.

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Fountain Rd
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Nick Moody


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