Southern England Rocket Flyers Club - Model Rockets

SERFS have always believed that the most important part of this hobby is to fly rockets, not to clutter up peoples time with excess forms or organisation, or to ask for money for membership fees etc. We only have four basic requirements to which you must adhere to fly with us:-

* Valid BMFA approved insurance 1*
* Payment of the days flying fee (£3.00) 2*
* Acceptance of our conditions for attendance (Below)
* A verbal invitation from John Harvey (Our coordinator)3*


1. All Flying Meetings are Strictly by Invitation Only.
2. All Flyers will have B.M.F.A. Insurance and will have Proof of Insurance with them.
3. All Flying will comply with the Relevant Safety Codes and all Civil Aviation Authority Requirements.
4. All Flying will have due regard for the Public, Crops, Livestock, etc.. Only Unmodified Factory Produced Motors will be used.
5. All Flights over D Power, and all Staged Models will require Permission, before flight from the Range Safety Officer and / or the Venue Officer. Design, Construction Integrity, Motor Details and Operatorís Competence will be checked by the above Officers. Proof of Motor Details may be required.
6. Maximum Power per Flight will be G, 160 Newton Seconds. The Range Safety Officer and/or Venue Officer may set a Lower Power Limit on the day. Demonstration Flights of H or I Power may be permitted by the Range Safety Officer and / or the Venue Officer.
7. All Models will carry the Operatorís Name, Address and / or Telephone Number. B.M.F.A. number is also recommended.
8. Radio Control Models may be flown at Specified Venues by Advance Agreement, and under Strict Frequency Control.
9. Individuals or Organisations wishing to run Competitions or Other Events may apply for Permission to do so in advance. If Permission is granted any Restrictions Deemed Necessary will be considered to be Part of These Conditions.
10. Spot checks on any of the above may be made at any time.
11. There will be a Contribution from Each Flyer towards Expenses.
12. Juniors, (under 18) may only attend when accompanied by a parent, guardian or someone who has acceptable, written authority to bring a child to the meeting and supervise them.
13. Acceptance of an Invitation to Attend a Flying Meeting will be taken to mean that you accept the above Conditions, and you indemnify SERFS, any other Organiser, the Land Owners and their Agents against all claims.

Address :
11 Edgehill Road
SO18 2AH  View Map
Contact Name
John Harvey


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