Haunted Places Paranormal Investigations - Paranormal

Haunted Places Paranormal Investigations was formed in January 2007. Due to the commitment, dedication and hard work of the Haunted Places Team, our reputation has grown and our website and Forum has flourished.

We have a Paranormal background which began back in 2003. We conduct our investigations at various sites of reported paranormal activity. We are an open minded Group who try to find logical and realistic explanations to things which may occur, which may or may not be of a paranormal nature.

We have taken many members of the public on Ghost Hunts and they have all had an insight and experience of what it is like to spend the night in a haunted location and conducting investigations. We will immerse you in different activities throughout the night, including: Vigils, Sťances, Glass Divination, Dowsing Experiments, as well as being able to use some 'Ghost Hunting' equipment.

The forum is a huge success and gives our members a chance to discuss their interest in the paranormal with like minded people. It is also a place to make new friends, learn something new, develop as a person and share your own encounters and experiences.


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