Bristol School of Tai Chi Chuan - Martial Arts

The Bristol School of Tai Chi is a centre for traditional Chinese exercise. We are dedicated to the practise of Chen style Tai Chi and Chi Kung. Our aim is to run exercise sessions which support peoples need to foster their health and wellbeing. We cater for all ages and levels of fitness. We offer sessions to individuals, groups and school as well as corporate clients and events.

We teach Laojia Long form (Yi Lu and Er Lu), Tai Chi Weapons forms (Sword, Sabre, Spear and Kwan Dao), Pushing Hands and Chi Kung exercises. All forms are as taught by Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang.

Tai Chi is a simple exercise, which can be beneficial to everyone, old and young alike. Taking the established wisdom of the Chinese over four centuries the techniques of Tai Chi seek to establish a balanced and relaxed body structure. Many people suffer from poor posture and could benefit from an increased awareness of their body. Tai Chi exercises aim to redress the imbalances by improving the co-ordination and structure of the body.

Address :
Various locations
0117 9493955

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